EZ Tips for HTV

From years of working with Heat Transfer Vinyl, we came up with these EZ Tips to keep your HTV projects on track. 

EZ Tip 1: Do not apply Transfer Mask on Heat Transfer Vinyl - HTV until the day you intend to press it, as some color may leech out of the print into the Mask, making colors less vibrant or spotty, if installed too far in advance.

EZ Tip 2: Printed HTV is very sensitive so handle with care. Do not use oil or hand cream before handling. Fingerprints & smudges are most noticeable on darker areas of the pattern. Do not use tape on the printed pattern without the transfer mask over it for protection.

EZ Tip 3: To quickly Align a Heat Transfer on a jacket or shirt, lay your hand palm up, underneath the lowest part of the collar seam. Place your hand facing up, like you're about to shake someone's hand. The width of your extended
hand from knuckle to knuckle is the perfect distance to the top of the design.

EZ Tip 4: Always Follow Brand Specs for time, temperature & peeling. Use only matched brands for the HTV and Transfer Mask or you run the risk of ruining the printed pattern, having it melt or having the print severely shrink.

EZ Tip 5: Label all of your Left over HTV so you can use the correct specs for different products. Seal it in a clean, dry bag or bin to avoid lint, dust & dampness. Store it laying flat unless it's on a roll which should be standing instead.

EZ Tip 6: Remember to always perform a cut test & jot down the settings that worked best for future use. If you have to drastically change settings for the same material, you might just have a blade problem so always keep a spare on hand.