EZ Tips for Vinyl

Based on years in the sign industry, our EZ Tips might save you some time, material & possibly some frustration when working with Vinyl. 

EZ Tip 1: Printed Vinyl is very sensitive so handle with care. Do not use oil or hand cream before handling. Wash hands first to minimize fingerprints & smudges. Pre-clean all projects, except wood with Isopropyl Alcohol but avoid getting it on the printing at all costs. 

EZ Tip 2: Do not apply Transfer Tape more than a day or 2 in advance of creating your Vinyl project as it can pull the vinyl off the backing paper, especially in humid locations. Once lifted, it's much harder to install without wrinkles or bubbles. Store pre-taped projects in bags, standing or hanging to keep vinyl clean & dry.

EZ Tip 3: To easily Weed Vinyl for text & words, weed backwards from Right to Left. For vinyl numbers, weed from Left to Right instead. The majority of 'insides' will come without catching but 'S' is the exception, so slow down near these. Keep the project flat on the table so it's easier to control.

EZ Tip 4: If you Accidently Remove Vinyl during weeding & you can't see where to place it back on the backing paper, rub a colored pencil on the backing & you'll see where to align it perfectly. Wipe off the dust from this hack before  placing the vinyl back down for perfect positioning every time!

EZ Tip 5: For Permanent Vinyl Removal preheat area in the sun, use a heat gun or a hair dryer. Heat from 4" away, moving in a circular motion, near an edge to get it started. Peel the preheated area & as it starts to peel harder as it cools, repeat the process for the next small area. Never Heat Glass or use sharp objects to remove vinyl on vehicles, glass or other surfaces. 

EZ Tip 6: Always perform a cut test & write down the best settings for each type you use. Slight changes to settings are to be expected for blade wear but drastic changes probably means that your blade needs to be replaced so keep a spare on hand.